70-542 Study Resources

This is the collection of resources I have gathered over the course of my preparation for the Microsoft Exam 70-542. The primary reason for collection this information is that there is no comprehensive resource for this exam available on the net, unless one opts for a paid resources. After working more or less exclusively on SharePoint 2007 for last 2 years, I see no reason for me to go for paid resources.

Add choices to Sharepoint Multi-Choice Field

Setting field values of a list item in SharePoint is easy.  But when it comes to Multi-Choice fields, the code is a big different.  The following code shows how values can be added to a multi-choice field.


SPFieldMultiChoice choiceField = (SPFieldMultiChoice)myWeb.Fields["choiceFieldName"]; 
//Set PushChangesToLists to true if automatic update of List or Content types is required
choiceField.PushChangesToLists = false; 


Sharepoint Delay Activity Timer

Sharepoint Delay Activity is rounded off to the minute interval that is setup for 'job-workflow' property. This is because the job is responsible for waking up the workflow at the specified time. This job is usually set to run every 5 minutes.

It is easy to change (increase or decrease) this value.

To get the current job interval value:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\BIN\stsadm -o getproperty -pn job-workflow -url http://siteaddress

Or to change it every minute

Sharepoint "Unknown Error" Solution

Sharepoint is very bad when it comes to showing useful error. Even the log files does not contain information that can be considered useful. This is a big problem specially when programming webpart and other extensions. To change this behavior and get sharepoint to display detailed message Modify your web.config to set the following:

<SafeMode ... CallStack="true" ...>

<customErrors mode="Off" />

<compilation batch="true" debug="true">

Blast from the Past !!!

I just discovered that 3D Releams open sourced the classic Duke Nukem 3D a few years back. That means windows ports for the old classic !! Damn its looks good !! Being fickle minded, I hardly stick on to one game. But Duke Nukem was and is probably the only game I played for extended period of time (On my old P60 hehehe ). I tried google and wow, I found the home of jduke3d a windows port of the game. The game is completly playable on my Win 2003 laptop.