Sharepoint Features

SharePoint 2010 OOTB Features

The following are the features installed by SharePoint 2010 Enterprise.  I frequently need to find what a feature is associated with a feature id during development, and hence the table. As all feature titles and descriptions are localized, I have extracted the localized strings for each of the strings from english langauge installation. Hope this helpful.       Feature Id Feature Name Scope Hidden Solution Id 2acf27a5-f703-4277-9f5d-24d70110b18b Advanced Web Analytics Reports Site True 5fee007f-3729-4a78-86fb-688d8597713c   This feature is advanced Web Analytics Reports for the site collection 8e947bf0-fe40-4dff-be3d-a8b88112ade6 Web Analytics Web Part Site True 5fee007f-3729-4a78-86fb-688d8597713c   The feature is a web part to display popular content, search queries and search results.