Blast from the Past !!!

I just discovered that 3D Releams open sourced the classic Duke Nukem 3D a few years back. That means windows ports for the old classic !! Damn its looks good !! Being fickle minded, I hardly stick on to one game. But Duke Nukem was and is probably the only game I played for extended period of time (On my old P60 hehehe ). I tried google and wow, I found the home of jduke3d a windows port of the game. The game is completly playable on my Win 2003 laptop. And then I found the Icing on the Cake - A hi-def mod for the game. So now I can play it at full resolution, with sharp hi-res graphics. This was fun. Played for an hour or so, and boy does that bring back old memories.

Lets see if I can get enough time to finish the game one more time. To be frank, after playing all new games, duke nukem kinda feels too easy. I guess I am missing the AI of new games. But then Duke Nukem is Duke Nukem.