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SharePoint 2010 OOTB Features

The following are the features installed by SharePoint 2010 Enterprise.  I frequently need to find what a feature is associated with a feature id during development, and hence the table. As all feature titles and descriptions are localized, I have extracted the localized strings for each of the strings from english langauge installation. Hope this helpful.       Feature Id Feature Name Scope Hidden Solution Id 2acf27a5-f703-4277-9f5d-24d70110b18b Advanced Web Analytics Reports Site True 5fee007f-3729-4a78-86fb-688d8597713c   This feature is advanced Web Analytics Reports for the site collection 8e947bf0-fe40-4dff-be3d-a8b88112ade6 Web Analytics Web Part Site True 5fee007f-3729-4a78-86fb-688d8597713c   The feature is a web part to display popular content, search queries and search results.

Use CAML Query to Read Data from lists or Libraries

One way to read the data from a list or a library is to iterate through it using the items collection of the list or library. But this is not the most efficient way to do it, specially if only few items are needed from this list. Enter CAML Queries. The following is the example query <where> <eq> <fieldref name="Title"> <value type="Text">title</value> </fieldref> </eq> </where> One thing to note in the CAML Query is that there is start and end tag.

Sharepoint Delay Activity Timer

Sharepoint Delay Activity is rounded off to the minute interval that is setup for ‘job-workflow’ property. This is because the job is responsible for waking up the workflow at the specified time. This job is usually set to run every 5 minutes. It is easy to change (increase or decrease) this value. To get the current job interval value: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\BIN\stsadm -o getproperty -pn job-workflow -url http://siteaddress< Or to change it every minute C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\BIN\stsadm -o setproperty -pn job-immediate-alerts -url http://siteaddress -pv "every 1 minutes between 0 and 59" Just be careful about this on production server, as it would create extra load if set to 1 minute interval.

Sharepoint 'Unknown Error' Solution

Sharepoint is very bad when it comes to showing useful error. Even the log files does not contain information that can be considered useful. This is a big problem specially when programming webpart and other extensions. To change this behavior and get sharepoint to display detailed message Modify your web.config to set the following: <SafeMode ... CallStack="true" ...> <customErrors mode="Off" /> <compilation batch="true" debug="true"> All three of the modifications are required for full debug output.


Abu Simbel, Egypt The remains of twin temple carved out of mountain. Alaska, USA Coz its cold out there… what else Angel Falls - Venezuela Worlds highest free falling Waterfall. Its almost 1 km high !! Angkor Wat - Cambodia The largest religious structure in the world, initially build for Hindu God Vishnu, and then converted to Buddhist Temple. Bali, Indonesia Need to say anything ? Bangkok Barbados Barcelona Canadian


These are the Buildings and Monuments that I would like to see. Fallingwater , by Frank Lloyd Wright , at Ohiopyle, (Bear Run), Pennsylvania , 1934 , 1938, 1948


The following are the paintings that I would like to see: The Starry Night, by Vincent van Gogh, located at Museum of Modern Art, New York. (1889)Aristotle with a Bust of Homer, by Rembrandt, located at Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. (1654)

Things to Do Before I Die

Life is so wonderful. Endless things to see and to experience, in an eventually Ending life. So Here are the things that I would like to see, do and experience before the end. I have not done or seen almost any of what I am going to write now, so it starts from now. Lets see where I reach. I will be posting a lot more information as and when I actually do it.

Programming Stuff

All My Programming Stuff will be on this site. As the time goes by, I will be updating and adding lot of contents here. One thing that is definitely be here is OpenGL Tutorials. Come back here for more.

Dev C++ SVL 1.5 DevPack

SVL - Simple Vector Library I have created a Dev C++ Devpack for SVL, just for my own convenience. I decided to put it on community site where someone else can also use it. The DevPak is available here


Welcome to Niral.Net This is the new Niral.Net. The site is empty as of now, but I will be putting on content as time goes by. I am running the site on Drupal for multiple reason, my laziness to create something is just one of them. Apart from that, Drupal also gives me the ability to publish some content that I always wanted to but never got enough time to actually do it.

Blast from the Past !!!

I just discovered that 3D Releams open sourced the classic Duke Nukem 3D a few years back. That means windows ports for the old classic !! Damn its looks good !! Being fickle minded, I hardly stick on to one game. But Duke Nukem was and is probably the only game I played for extended period of time (On my old P60 hehehe ). I tried google and wow, I found the home of jduke3d a windows port of the game.


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